Welcome to Anti-Racism Lab, the website for the Canada Research Chair in Feminism and Intersectionality 7-year research project on decolonization and antiracism in universities.

Settler colonial states on traditional territories in Turtle Island, Abya Yala, Alkebulan, and Scandinavia have failed to respond adequately to calls for Indigenous sovereignty, and to combat anti-Indigenous, Black, and People of Color (IBPOC) racism, which are reflected in lack of progress on social justice transformation in universities.

Anti-Racism Lab supports a collaborative, comparative, international research program that examines decolonization and intersectional institutional racism in universities in Canada, Brazil, South Africa, Finland, and Sweden. Research collaborators are committed to formulating decolonial and anriracist policies and practices aimed at changing institutional cultures, pedagogical approaches, and processes to transform universities into spaces for developing and advancing social justice.