This is the blog for the CRC 7 year research project on decolonization and antiracism in universities. Its focus is on the necessity for a decolonial turn as we try to think through antiracist practices, theory, ethics and pedagogies. It highlights the diversity of perspectives within the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences on decolonization and antiracism globally, as it reverses the colonial geography of reason in its meditations on the complexities of coloniality, systemic racism, hegemonic knowledge systems, and the way forward for intersectional racial social justice transformation.  If you are interested in submitting a blog, please click here´╗┐. Please check out our recent entries below.

  1. Caribbean Education and the Cult of Quantification  - Romain Khan - January 2022  
  2. The Killers of the Flower Moon: A Saga of Violent Accumulation with White Saviour Syndrome-Md Nazmul Arefin-November 2023  

  3. Garveyism and the UNIA in Canada-Manzah-Kyentoh Yankey-December 2023
  4. Essequibo Border Dispute and Indigenous Erasure-Romain Khan-January 2024´╗┐